What's Happening: Exchange students visit Bruges

Last weekend the exchange students of Fontys Academy for Creative Industries visited Bruges. The trip was organized by ACI International and the buddies of the exchange students. It was the last excursion of this semester.

The trip started early in the morning, departing from the campus. During the bus ride, we received a city guide from the four buddies who organized this trip. In the city guide, we could find a map, the program and tips for bars and restaurants. We arrived at 10.30 AM and were more than ready to go.

As a first activity, we visited the Church of Our Lady. Unfortunately, the church was partly under construction. Therefore, we decided to do what is meant to do in Belgium; grabbing a waffle! Shortly after that, the group was divided in two. Group A went to see the Chocolate Museum first, Group B the Halve Maan Brewery and the other way around.

When walking to the museum we were able to see the beautiful city centre of Bruges, with charming old buildings and horses with coaches. It felt like we had travelled back in time. Arriving at the museum, we got even happier than we already were. Before entering, we received a free chocolate bar. Who doesn't love chocolate? Because the museum isn't that big we were done with our visit after thirty minutes.

We walked through the beautiful centre again to go to our second activity; the brewery. Arriving at the brewery, a friendly woman was waiting for us. She gave us a tour and explained that beer for the Belgians is the same as red wine to the Spanish people. Therefore, we received a ticket to get a free, special beer after the tour. The woman explained that this beer, Brugse Zot, is served unfiltered. The brewery is the only place in the world where it’s possible to drink it like that. You want to know if it tasted better? Most definitely.

Besides Bruges, we visited the Winter Efteling in October and Rotterdam in September. These activities gave the exchange students the opportunity to unite and have a good time together. Junior Mokoma, a student from South-Africa, told us that the exchange surprised him. "I think we learn as much as we can, and I'm surprised by the little things I've learned. Knowing this, I started to appreciate things more." Overall, the 55 exchange students told us that they had a great time and felt lucky to be able to experience living and studying in Tilburg.